Message Center

Text messaging, or SMS, has become a staple in helping businesses communicate with their customers. The Message Center application allows unlimited individual team members the ability to send and receive personalized messages to and from your customers on behalf of and presented as your business.

Message Center provides an interface that your team can use to communicate one-on-one with your customers while giving your team members the ability to personalize the tool (custom notification tones, colors, inbound CID modifications, and more). Business and individual accounts are supported while all sharing the same message pool, allowing for better utilization of the message pool you have purchased. Account administration features will enable you to view the current message use along with message use disbursements (team member utilization).

Web Accessible

Access your messages anywhere you have Internet access via a single interface supporting and identifying team or individual messaging.

Pooled Messages

Purchased message counts are shared, as a pool, across both company and individual accounts. Message buckets can increase or decrease based on your business needs.

Message State

New, unread, read, and historical message states are provided and visible via notifications and icons, including new message reminders if not read within a designated period of time.

Message Use Tracking

See how many messages your organization has used and the amount that remains available.

Message History

Immediate access to messaging history via the same, easy to use, web application

Unused Messages

Unused messages carry over into the next pool.

Collaborated Team Access

Single Business Account - unlimited team access. Send SMS/MMS messages from unlimited members on your team, including personalized texts and photos. Messages may be visible by your entire team while identifying individual team member contributions.

Individual Accounts

The DIDs of SMS. Individual Team Member accounts are available, like DIDs on a phone system, for more direct and personalized one-on-one communications while being presented on behalf of your organization.


Each account holder on your team can customize their experience: custom notification tones, color identifiers, CID modicum, and more.

Individual Permissions

Though you have unlimited team access, individual messages and access permissions may be applied.