Blueprint Business Telephone

Desktop and Mobile Solutions
Now you can use all the features of Hosted Unified Communications from almost any device whether at your desk, at home, or on the move.

Hosted PBX Solutions
A Hosted service that is helping businesses across all industries avoid the large investment of hardware, ongoing maintenance, IT, and training of a traditional phone system.

Powerful Feature Pallet
Features uniquely and purposefully applied to fit the individual needs of you and your employees.

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Blueprint Call Central

Need to take your inbound call management to the next level? Blueprint Central helps you gain control of the user experience by applying intelligent queue and call handling to any size of call center across any business geography.

As with all BluePrint services, this service is fully customizable to fit your business needs.

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Blueprint Message Center (SMS)

Text messaging, or SMS, has become a staple in helping businesses communicate with their customers. The Business Message Center application allows unlimited individual team members the ability to send and receive personalized messages to and from your customers on behalf of and presented as your business.

Business Message Center provides an interface that your team can use to communicate one-on-one with your customers while giving your team members the ability to personalize the tool (custom notification tones, colors, inbound CID modifications, and more). Business and individual accounts are supported while all sharing the same message pool, allowing for better utilization of the message pool you have purchased. Account administration features will enable you to view the current message use along with message use disbursements (team member utilization).

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Blueprint Concierge

Concierge helps your Hotel/Motel provide a personal touch for your guests. They will experience a personalized "hello" on the other end of every phone call. Features include wake-up call notifications that accommodate your guest's entire schedule while offering your service options upon answering. Guests may personalize other services such as the room's voice mailbox. A suite of tools is also available that help you manage room state while integrating with your current processes.

Communicate about and manage other services, such as valet parking or in-hotel dining. Combine that with the new SMS application (Message Center), and you have a powerful communications tool allowing you to send timely and state-full notifications to your guest's mobile device(s). Concierge is fully tailored to your business. You do not have to tailor your business to Concierge.

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