Customer Stories

Northern Hotel

Billings, Montana

Mike Nelson with the Northern Hotel explains how vital their BluePrint phone system is to their day-to-day operations.

Midland Implement

Billings, MOntana

Our business has been around a long time, our facility is older and not designed to accommodate certain modern technologies. We had an aging analog phone system which was lacking in modern business features. BluePrint did a fantastic job of getting our business up to date with modern data cabling and hardware. The flexibility that the modern VOIP phone system provides allows us to adapt to today's rapidly changing business environment. The ability to quickly update our company contact directory has made life much easier. Custom directories for each individual employee is extremely convenient and allows for flexibility. 

We believe BluPrint has the most to offer in terms of hardware and features for the money. The staff at BluePrint is extremely knowledgeable and helpful at all times, good support is crucial. They were there for us from start to finish.  From evaluating our needs, to final installation, we are very pleased with our new phone system. 

If you are limping along with an analog phone system you will be pleasantly surprised at the features and benefits a BluePrint phone system can provide.

- Jordan Corson, Billings Branch Manager - Midland Implement

Willard's Garage

Billings, Montana

Listen to Willard of Willard's Garage explain how BluePrint had a positive impact on his business operations.

Rocky Mountain Manor

Powell, Wyoming

Blueprint provides phone and security systems to our facility. Their customer service and staff are outstanding! They are affordable and provide excellent service! They are very quick to respond and fix any technical issues that arise. We cannot thank them enough for all the care and professionalism they provide. I would highly recommend Blueprint.

-Cindy L. Ibarra, Manager/ Rocky Mountain Manor

Briggs Distributing

Billings, Montana

Our phone system at Briggs hadn’t been updated in 10+ years, and I just knew there had to be a system out there that could encompass our office staff and our mobile staff much more efficiently than what we had. I researched many companies and ended up choosing Blueprint to help us with our needs. We met multiple times so that they could learn our business and what we needed to be successful. The rock star of the whole implementation was Darlene Barth. She was phenomenal in asking the questions that I would not have even thought of, and answering all the questions that we had.  Our go live day was a quick turnover to the new phone system with very little issues. The issues we did have were taken care of in a timely manner. They are very easy to work with and I’ve not had one regret in choosing them. I would absolutely recommend Blueprint to any company looking for an efficient, cost friendly phone system.

Jennifer Mauser-Kallem